Rust Map

WORLD FIRST Rust Map – game mapping system!

Below is the most powerful rust map created to date. Using custom written server side plugins and multiple data processing web servers, is able to provide you with real time gps tracking of your character in rust. To use, simple log into a supported Autolocation server and then sign in here through steam. (see below). Once in, you will have instant access to your location on our rust map as reported from the autolocation server.

This is a great tool for bringing your friends into the game. No more wandering aimlessly around for your new friend. Show them this rust map and let them learn the map of rust 100x faster than normal. A number of my friends tried rust and did not enjoy it just due to the fact of how hard the learning curve is.  We hope that our service will be able to ease that pain. If you are looking for a job and need some tips for your interview, check out my buddies’ site for some great Phone Interview Tips.

If you are a server admin and have your server running the autolocation plugin, check out our admin server locations. Just follow the instructions on screen to be able to track all users on your own server specific rust map.

Auto-location requires that your server runs the mod autolocation.  See link above for list of compatible servers!  Use x/y/z fields to manually plot coordinates.

Use /location if your server has the command to get coordinates.

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X: Y: Z:
Click To get Teleport Location

Sign in for AutoLocation

(Must be on an AutoLocation Server)